Saigon Lager – Obscure Beer of the World #2

Siagon Lager

Well, another week goes by, and its time to think about another beer I have enjoyed, in another exotic location! Ah, the fond memories! I think maybe it is a little wrong to remember each location by the quality of

Everest Special Lager – Obscure beer of the world #1

Nepals Finest Tipple?

To get this series up and going, I thought it make sense to make a start of one of the most memorable beers I have had in the last year or so…. Everest Special Lager This brew is Nepalese, and

Tropical Island Gems #2- Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Phu Quoc

Number 2 in my series of posts on some of the lesser known tropical islands that I have visited, and feel others need to know about, is Phu Quoc, Vietnam. I only visited Phu Quoc earlier this year, although it was my second

Obscure Beers of the World – Introduction

Beer candles from Ghent (bis)

Being a middle-aged Australian male, I like beer ! I wouldn’t expect this to be a huge surprise to anyone who knows me, and, based on stereotypes, probably also not a surprise to those who don’t! As a result, I

The Catch22 of 40 year old travellers!

Resting in transit

This is the Catch 22. The first half of your 4th decade,I believe, is the perfect time to long-term travel, yet it is probably the age bracket least likely to do so! Let me explain.. Almost all long-term travellers fit into

Travel Luggage for the Over 40 year old, Long Term Traveler

Prada Luggage

Firstly, I need it to be noted, that I HATE travel bloggers who post about selecting the right backpack! It is an extremely boring post topic, and clearly written by most travelers because they have either scored a free backpack,

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